We are a small, family-run business, working from our home.  In 2004, I was in charge of the craft time for a group of moms at our local church.  We needed blank calendars for a craft project, but couldn’t find what we were looking for. I designed a small half-sheet calendar just the way we wanted it, took it to a local print shop, and they were an instant hit.  Since then, I have designed and printed blank calendars every year, selling them as a way to earn a little pocket cash for the family. 

As we developed a following of regular customers, I realized that we have a unique product to sell in terms of both design and quality.  At my husband’s encouragement, I attended a local small business seminar to learn how to properly organize and grow the business.  In early 2014, we officially registered our trade name, got an EIN, and applied for a business tax account with the state.  We developed a business plan and he is helping me think through various organizational and marketing strategies.  The business is still primarily mine, but our kids occasionally help out during the busyness that comes in the fall as folks purchase calendars for the holidays and the new year.

Our goal is to maintain and supply a quality product, to continue to build our business base of regular customers, and to offer a variety of sizes and designs to meet the needs and desires of our clientele.  At the same time, I want to teach my children valuable skills by example, including sales, marketing, budgeting, editing, word processing, graphic design, website maintenance, trouble-shooting, appropriate risk-taking, packaging, shipping, and customer service. 

We appreciate all of you who purchase from us.  We would not be here without you.  Thank you!  We also welcome your ideas and inquiries, especially if there is something you are looking for, but which you cannot find.  We are happy to serve you!

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We have had an online presence on ebay with an established reputation of more than 15 years and well over 6000 positive feedbacks on our business account (TopNotchCalendars—formerly Vermonters) and 500+ on our family account (Vermonters).  At the recommendation of our customers, we joined Etsy in 2014 to increase our visibility online.  We try to keep our facebook page current with various announcements and happenings. 


Please do note that our goal is to always offer the best prices right here on this site.  Here, you are purchasing from us directly, and we can avoid the expense of paying the middle man (eBay and Etsy both take at least 10%).  If at any point you do find a better price on our products elsewhere (an error on our part), please know that we will gladly honor it here.


That said, these other venues have a place and are a great way to increase our visibility and broaden our clientele, so we plan to keep them up.  They are also a great place for you to verify who we are and our reputation in the marketplace.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.