· Calendars come undecorated and ready for you to personalize and embellish. 

· Professionally printed on sturdy bright white cardstock with a smooth surface that will not bleed and which accepts ink very nicely. 

· The inks used in our printing will not smear or smudge when wet.

· The font used for these calendars is a good size and easy to read, making it practical for everyday use.

· Bound with black spiral coil a size up from the standard size used to allow for additional width needed for photos, decorative papers, and other embellishments. This also permits the calendar pages to rotate easily and lay flat on a table or hang nicely on the wall.

· Suitable for a variety of craft media including but not limited to rubber stamping, photos, embossing, block printing, watercolors, paints, chalks, and markers. 

· Each page of these desk calendars is a custom cut sheet of bright white heavyweight cardstock, measuring 10” wide by 5” high.

· The black front and back covers double as a stand and are made of super heavy cardstock to support the weight of the calendar well for the entire year, even when all the pages are on one side. 

· To make the stand, the covers are longer than the white calendar pages and they come pre-scored.  To make the stand, you fold the covers along the creases, and then bend them towards each other to overlap each other to form a triangle or tent.  Use glue dots or double-sided tape (not included) to increase stability and maintain your preferred angle of display.

· Each month comes on its own page with the area on the left of the calendar blank and undecorated - ready for your creativity. They are stampable, paintable and much more. The blank area measures approximately 5”x5”, which easily accommodates a wallet-sized photo along with a decorative mat or background.

· Very classy and make great gifts.

· In the past, we have done a double-sided six page desk calendar.  While we do not currently print or stock these, we could potentially do a special order if you are interested in a bulk quantity.

All Our Calendars

2019 Desk Calendars

$8 each

Twelve-PageIn this format, the calendar has twelve pages total, where each page is single-sided and has just one month printed on it, on one side. This leaves the back side blank.  It can be decorated or left blank, as desired.

12-page calendar

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Flowchart: Terminator: Back to Product Summary Page
Text Box: A customer sent me a video of what she did with this newer style calendar, and I’ve posted below  a few still clips here with her permission.  They show a few of the possibilities of how you might use this space for photos, with some great background papers and frames.

12-page calendar

Also available as a perpetual calendar!

Representative desk calendar with coins to show relative size of spaces on calendar

Desk, small square, and small rectangular  calendars side by side.