· Undecorated and ready for your embellishment and personalization. 

· Professionally printed on sturdy bright white cardstock with a smooth surface that will not bleed and which accepts ink very nicely. 

· The inks used in our printing will not smear or smudge when wet.

· The font used for these calendars is a good size and easy to read, making it practical for everyday use.

· Bound with black spiral coil a size up from the standard size used to allow for additional width needed for photos, decorative papers, and other embellishments. This also permits the calendar pages to rotate easily and lay flat on a table or hang nicely on the wall.

· Suitable for a variety of craft media including but not limited to rubber stamping, photos, embossing, block printing, watercolors, paints, chalks, and markers. 

· Printed one month per page, single-sided

· Each page is a full 8.5x11” sheet of bright white heavyweight cardstock

· The front cover is blank on both sides . 

· Each page easily accommodates several 4x6 photos along with mats or accents. See samples of decorated calendars to see a few illustrations of what might work.

· The area on the back of the previous month's page above it is blank and undecorated, ready for your creativity.

· The calendar comes with a drilled hole so that it can be hung on a wall.

· When opened flat, the decorated top and printed calendar bottom measure approximately 11x17". 


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Large Full-Sheet Calendars

$8 each

Four versions to choose from:

* 2019—dated 

* Perpetual—no dates

* Perpetual —no months Note: comes in the old style with wider margins.  Has only the days of the week.

* Perpetuel Français Un calendrier perpetuel avec les mois et les jours en français, mais aucune date.

All Our Calendars

Two 4x6 photos fit easily side by side.

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Above, clockwise from top center: 10x5 desk,  8.5x11 lg rectangular full-sheet, 8.5x5.5 sm rectangular half-sheet, 6x6 sm square, and 11.5x12 lg square


Most of our sample photos are of the old style from before 2018.  The current 8.5x11 calendars have larger boxes and narrower margins as pictured on the right.  We will update samples as they become available (feel free to send us ones you have taken!).

Representative large calendar with coins and ruler to show relative size of the grid boxes

The perpetual calendar in this size, that is without dates pre-printed, comes in three different styles pictured below.  The middle style has just the days of the week and the grid (no months).  The others (English on left, French on the right) have  months and days of the week pre-printed. 

Large and small rectangular calendars to show relative size.