Our calendars are professionally printed on sturdy white cardstock.  The ink will not bleed or smear when wet, making them suitable for many artistic uses, including rubber stamping, block printing, water coloring, photography, embossing, chalks, and pastels.  

They are bound with strong black spiral coil around which the pages turn 360° completely and easily.  This allows the calendars to lay or hang completely flat with any month on the top

Most styles of our calendars come with a blank front cover and all are single-sided.  They generally come with a calendar grid and the month and days of the week printed on each page.  The rest of the calendar is blank, and ready for you to decorate and personalize. 

Please see the individual product descriptions for the formatting particulars, as there are several variations. 

The calendars make fun, inexpensive, homemade gifts. They work well for craft fairs, art workshops, classroom or summer camp projects, fundraisers, stamp camps, pre-schools, daycares, and more. Kids and parents love them!



NOTE to our faithful customers—January 2019.

Due to changing family circumstances, we have decided to not print any more calendars.  We still have a few perpetual calendars in stock, and will continue to sell them until they are gone.  Thank you for your patronage these 15 years.


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To purchase calendars while we still have them, visit our ETSY shop (link below) and feel free to contact us if you have questions. 

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